Primm, Nevada

Sometimes also known as State Line, this little town is right on the California border and has a couple casinos with restaurants and a couple attractions too. Access is simple via the I-15 freeway. Primm is about thirty or so minutes south of Las Vegas. Visit Primm Valley Resorts.

7 thoughts on “Primm, Nevada

      • Oh, I know! Before they got some community folks together to do a clean up, there was a mess of mattresses and washing machines along the road that goes through the woods to a pretty lake close to town. Disgusting what some people will do.

        • The grocery store near me has frequent traffic behind it including me. Of course there are trash bins back there. People frequently toss there own trash in there including furniture which is called Theft of Services!

  1. Looks like a great place for photography. It looks like it’s built between two large, dry lake beds. There are a lot of solar farms around it on the satellite image.

    • Ahhh good eye! They are dry lake beds, The Ivanpah Solar Plant is very close by and it’s huge! It’s on the west side of the I-15 and just inside California.

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