6 thoughts on “Along Southbound Interstate 75

  1. The juxtaposition of the building labels in the first photo is wonderful. I’ve only been to Florida once. I would not want to live there.

      • It’s already hitting 90 degrees here and the bugs are coming out in full force in early evening. 🙁 We live near Baltimore, there’s just too many people. Since we own an RV lot in a remote area in SC, we’re going there to hunker down indefinitely. Only a handful of other motorhomes there and no transients allowed in, so isolation is perfect. Hope you’re doing well with your area and isolation!

        • That’s a wonderful idea Donna and zero transients. Be safe and well. My family is all back in Michigan now except a niece who lives in Oakland, CA. We are all good to go. I’m just fine too Donna, scored some water and lots of food yesterday, stocked up. I live alone so it will last longer.

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