Old Grits

No rotting grits here, just some iPhone photos from 2015. Back in the day the boys and I called a pack of smokes ‘Grits’, a single smoke is of course a Grit. Hey, this was the early 1980’s and some damn good times. Can I go back? I wonder what these antique machines are worth…

8 thoughts on “Old Grits

  1. Cool machines. Back when smokes were everywhere. It’s funny to watch old tv shows and see people smoking at work and in bed. It’s so different now. Glad you’re off the cancer sticks!

    • Thanks Sandra, me too. I really can’t stand the stench of those things today. Gross. That also strikes me, I’m glad that people no longer smoke in certain places such as aircraft and many others. It was apparently considered very posh to smoke back then. Yuck!

  2. Grits? Never heard that one. I know the Brits call grits “fags”. Smoking a “fag” does not sound good whichever way you interpret it on this side of the pond. Otherwise, I mostly get asked by street folks if I have a smoke they can borrow. It seems odd to ask to borrow a cigarette as if they are going to use it a give it back. The only other word I’ve heard cigarettes called is “cigs”. I’ve never smoked, so I don’t know much about cigarettes and smoking slang.

    • I had to laugh a bit here. Borrowing a grit is bullchit! I think we were the only people that used that odd term or meaning, perhaps localised only in The Waterhole…

      • Those are interesting old vending machines. I don’t recall anything like that out here. You probably don’t know this but one of the first restaurants to ban smoking in the country is the Frontier Restaurant across from the University of New Mexico on old Rout 66 in Albuquerque. Once the owner made that decision in the early eighties, it completely transformed the restaurant and made it a great place to hang out and study. The owner did well making that decision. The Frontier is famous for its millions of calories Frontier rolls and fabulous breakfast burritos.

        • I must try the Burritos! He’s a brilliant man, Timothy, thanks for the info. I smoked until 2002 then quit thanks to CHF. It was fun to see so many antiques in this place and others we hit that day or three. Too many to gat photos of or upload here…

          • Good for you. You’ve been off the Grits for a good many years. It’s really hard to quit smoking. I’ve heard it’s harder than getting off heroin.

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