Behind the Wheel: 1914 Pierce Arrow

Again from 2015, here’s an iPhone photo of my dad and I rolling along in the old timer. He’s driving, I would never ask to drive this car as it takes time to learn and he never offered! 😎

The steering wheel is on the right side…

15 thoughts on “Behind the Wheel: 1914 Pierce Arrow

    • Thanks Donna, my dad is driving. No way would I want to try to drive this car, it’s of course nothing like our modern cars. Takes skills my dad has had for many years. I’m the guy who trilers them to locations for him. 😎

  1. Cool photo. Do you have to double clutch it, hand throttle it, and choke it manually? A mechanic I worked for years ago had a 1939 Ford pick up. I had to double clutch it, there was a manual choke, the steering was horrible, and it had other quirks I don’t remember right of hand.

    • Dad double clutched the trans! The Choke is manual, I may be wrong but believe the throttle was via a floor throttle. A very unique experience having a ride in this beauty. 😎🥰

    • Thanks Sandra, I agree. If the lighting is just right these things can capture a decent photo. As good as they are today they still have a long way to go to catch up with real cameras. 😎

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