My Little Space

In a great big valley, this is my little space, my little oasis in the desert. An oasis in troubled times… But these troubled days will pass.

6 thoughts on “My Little Space

    • No snakes in my backyard, no scorpions either! The property will be sprayed for critters this Monday.

  1. Just the thought that a scorpion might be clinging to the underside of your chair … have you ever crossed paths with a rattler? I once encountered a snake inside our desert home, but it wasn’t poisonous — oooh, the heebie-jeebies!

    • The property is sprayed every several weeks for scorpions and other unwanted critters. The scorpions like to hide in and on the block walls. In summer I use a black light flashlight to find them after dark, I call it Bug Patrol! Then they are stomped out. Most nights I’ll find at least one scorpion regardless of the spraying. We are after all intruders into their land you could say.

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