12 thoughts on “Frogger

  1. Do you remember Space Invaders from the early 80s? I tried it, hated it and never played video games after that.

    • Oh yeah, that was a fun game! There was a nice arcade near a friend’s home in the early 80’s, we’d head down there to play the games but look for the local hotties too. 😬

  2. Frogger is a game for people with some patience. For the rest of us… it is insanely frustrating. I came to the conclusion that I would either have to give up the game or learn a new vocabulary.

    Yup, died again! 🤬 Frog 🐸 went over the plank backwards. 🤣

    I do have the game but I’ve not played it in years. 😊

      • Hmmm. I’m not sure how “looking” turned into “logging”. My daughter plays them now. She’s pretty good at it. It only took her two or three hours to play through all the levels of the Assassins Creed game (I think that’s what it was called). She showed me the game. The graphics were incredible.

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