People Are Out and About

Las Vegas is a city of about two million people, many of them are still out and about doing their daily things. My drug store and pharmacy now has signs taped to the floor with blue tape forming a line with a six foot spacing. Why six foot? Overall things seem very much normal around my area of the city which I’m grateful for but let’s keep things in perspective, be safe.

Today is sunny with 82 degrees. 🌴🌞😎

5 thoughts on “People Are Out and About

  1. The Governor actually used the term “Mandatory ” today on staying home. But, exceptions are essential needs like groceries, pharmacies, doctors, and even going for walks is an okay activity provided you follow the 6 foot away rule.

    • The entire city can’t and won’t shut down. Some folk just ignore the staying away from each other part though at their own risk. I’m home 99% of the time, I’m a real home-body.

  2. Scientists say that up to 6 feet is the distance the coronavirus can travel (while airborne) from one person to another. Many stores around here are doing the same thing. I’m glad life seems normal in your area. It sure doesn’t here. I always enjoy your beautiful blue sky photos. 🙂 Stay safe!

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