Wilson the Tortoise

The other day Sandy was commenting on the faux tortoise in my backyard, it reminded her of the soccer call in the Tom Hanks movie where he’s stranded alone on an island. So I’ve named him Wilson! Now Wilson being totally faux means he doesn’t move, right? This morning I noticed that he has somehow moved to the faux grass! OM Gosh, is my home haunted?

8 thoughts on “Wilson the Tortoise

    • OM Gosh, LOL!! A darn good idea Donna! I don’t have one but let’s see if he moves again… 👻😬

    • He was there in the morning so I don’t know how he moved? Maybe some scorpions moved him… 😂

        • You bet, actually I spoke with my pest control company today. They’ll be here on the 6th! They are deemed by the city of Las Vegas to be a needed business that will continue operations. Makes sense but what about those Mom and Pop ops? Or small businesses in general. Things in the States are going to change when this passes…

          • I’m glad to hear that you will continue to get the pest control you need! I know, John. It’s anybody’s guess what our world will look like when this is all over. Take good care. Thank you for the picture of Wilson! That made me smile!

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