9 thoughts on “A Ride in The 1914 Pierce Arrow

  1. Reminds of “Take it Easy” by the Eagles: “Riding down the road tryn’ to loosen my load…” Although you need another corner to stand on some where in Georgia. Maybe where the boy and the Devil had their fiddling contest.

    • I hope there was no contest! The Eagles have a special place in my head, High School and later days after that. HIGH Skrewl…

      • Do you know the Charlie Daniels song “The Devil Went Down To Georgia?” I dropped out of high skrewl a couple years after “Take It Easy” came out.

    • Hi guys, thanks! I was digging deep in this particular archive this morning and found this. I sent it to my dad via text today, he said that was a great trip!! I agree, today is his birthday. 🥰

  2. That would be disorienting to drive a right-handed steering wheel on the right side of the road. Did he ever let you give it a go?

    • I agree, I would not ask to drive it, he never offered! He’s been driving these old cars for decades, I have never drove one this old.

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