14 thoughts on “Banana Dots

  1. Team banana here. I love them fresh, frozen, baked in bread with chocolate chips and a cup of coffee. Great. Now I need to get baking! Cool pic John!

    • BW can sometimes make a not so good image into one that has at least a bit of interesting. Just one left, my last blood test indicated my potassium is just a bit low hence the bananas. It’s not so easy to see my GP at this time so fruit to the rescue. I take a potassium supplement since I take a diuretic each day.

      • I totally agree with you with the use of black and white – I also find it can make shots of people more flattering! Sorry to hear that getting to your GP is of course more difficult now but glad bananas are helping!

        • They are tastier than a visit to the doctor! I have potassium pills but they apparently need to be increased a bit.

            • Doing fine Dave, thanks for asking! I haven’t been out for four days. Very much socially distant! How about you?

              • I work from home so in many ways it is business as usual but I was meant to be going away on holiday this week with my family so I am sad that isn’t happening now!

                • Sorry about that, how awful!

                  I’m glad your work flow isn’t too disrupted. I’ve been retired three years now and like to be home so this isn’t a major change yet I still self impose this lock down. My family is all back north in Michigan so we stay in touch via phone and text.

                  I chose to stay in Las Vegas after the divorce hence I’m here alone now. Some things you just can’t see coming at you can you….

                  • Absolutely! You can never know! It isn’t too bad regarding my holiday – at least we are all ok 😀😀 At least you haven’t stopped taking wonderful photos 😀

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