15 thoughts on “Lockdown Meals

      • Haha, cool. So, basically very similar. I’ve done the same except that it was canned German goulash. I cooked a bag of rice for it too. Simple, cheap and good. πŸ™‚

    • Hi! It was, I have the items to make this again but will need to hit a store fairly soon. Been home for days now… I miss creating new photos!

  1. As a noun lockdown it’s one word. If you use lock as an intransitive verb as in “locked down” then the phrase is two words. You locked down the lockdown meal in the skillet. Good looking meat and rice dish, great looking fries.

    • Thanks for the explanation Timothy, I should know this stuff! It was good eating and cheap to make.

      • Basic food. It’s difficult to remember all the rules of English. I just wing them, and break most of the rules much of the time. One of the neat thangs about English is although it’s hard, it’s adaptable and still works well when the rules are broken. Grammar Nazis drive me crazy. If you stick strictly to the rules, the language will stagnate and eventually die.

    • They are frozen, organic fries from Albertson’s. 25-30 minutes in the Breville at 425 degrees, yum!

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