9 thoughts on “Tiny Weather Station

    • Thanks, the very low humidity is so comfy, but having grown up in Michigan it’s obvious to me that 80F or 26.6C here is very different. The lack of humidity has me feeling a bit colder. So odd isn’t it? 🤔

        • Very true! Last summer the sheet metal on my truck was over 100 degrees, just setting in the garage after a couple hours out of the sun. The ambient air temperature was around 95F. Cooling goes very slowly! 😂🔥🌵

  1. It was around 50 degrees here today, clearing a bit this evening. Next week the forecast looks better, and we may be able to open the windows here for a bit.

    • That’s great! Sounds like Michigan this time of year. Those first warm spring days can be magical. ❤️

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