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  1. There are many differences between the UK and the US (two people divided by a common language!) but one of them is we don’t fly our flag much whereas, in the US, you see the stars and stripes everywhere. I don’t think we’re any less patriotic but I wonder why we don’t flag wave a bit more. For example, we don’t have our flag in Court rooms or schools. The Queen puts her flag up from time to time depending on which of her castles she’s in. We don’t own a Union Flag and I’ve never flown one anywhere. If the UK breaks up (Scotland becomes an independent nation), then who knows what will happen to our flag. In these strange times, anything could happen and, should Scotland break away from the United Kingdom, then I’ll have to dash out and by a Saint Andrews flag and pronto!!!

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    • I’m grateful for our common language, the best of them all. We have many differences but many similarities too. Sometimes I wish things were different… Didn’t Scotland have a referendom a few years ago on separation? I spelt that word wrong…


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