Out Of Business

These pedicure chairs used to be in the salon where I had my feet taken care of every two weeks or so thanks to Diabetes. Apparently the business has closed, how sad for the owners and we customers. All because of something so small we can’t see it. Bullshit! This situation will devastate millions of small businesses which I see as the core of what makes the United States what it has been for so long. When this is done, America will have a new face.

17 thoughts on “Out Of Business

  1. Fortunately, I had a haircut and beard trim days before the COVID-19 changes in daily routine. My cats were groomed around the same time, and their groomer closed shop till…? I will look like I came out of the mountains before I’ll see my hair cutting lady again, I fear!

    • Can you trim it yourself? I’ve been buzzing my hair for a long time since it’s so short anyway. I have most of the same tools the woman used in the Pedi at home so I can do that too but not as well…

  2. At times like these, it would be better if the politicians stood aside. Some things are just too important to be left to the politicians who are, broadly, self-seeking, self-obsessed, overpaid, primadonnas who are usually under qualified for the job they do. I’ve come to loathe them! Our government in the UK should be hanging its head in deep shame. They are an embarrassment. What a screwup they are!!!

  3. I think most politicians love this kind of crises. So many of them hate small business people, and this is the prefect opportunity to kill as many small businesses as possible. I got an email for one of our state representatives, who I just happen to loath. He says that he understands that these are “hard times” for many Americans. BS, ignorant fool. He doesn’t understand at all or he would use to correct terminology “unnecessarily DEVASTATING times for millions of people” because of idiots like him!

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