This Was Yesterday

The screen shot of the National Weather Service website’s forecast for Las Vegas shows a very different weather pattern for the next several days. Honestly, I don’t want the rain here as badly as it’s needed here in the desert southwest. It reminds me of the daily gloomy conditions of Michigan too much… Rain Rain go the hell away. Don’t come back any other day.

9 thoughts on “This Was Yesterday

  1. Take good care John! It will pass eventually. I think you’re getting the system that’s been out this way for a few days now.

  2. John, I absolutely hate the rain! Yes, I know, we are in drought conditions, but it’s wearisome enough to be cooped up inside, but do we have to deal with the gloomy clouds and rain?

    I look at the forecast for the El Centro desert and, except for a couple of spotty days, I see mid-80’s and sunshine.

    Spring and early summer in San Diego are somewhat depressing. We call it “May Gray” and “June Gloom”. It’s supposed to rain most of the week.

    My brother still has a home in the desert and, at least, he can look out the window and see glorious sunshine and blue skies.

    • Agreed! Is El Centro very close the the border? Enjoy your sunshine! I hope the NWS is wrong, and the sunshine returns much sooner. Rain makes my truck dirty too. 😑🤨

      • The Imperial Valley is right on the border with Mexico. El Centro is a half-hour drive to Mexicali, the capitol of Baja California, Yuma is a one-hour drive to the east, San Diego a two-hour drive to the west, and Las Vegas is five hours away.

        • OK, that’s a good location for access other cities. From Vegas to Phoenix it’s about six hours. I have no desire to go to Mexico! No rain here yet, just breezy and gloomy…

          • People are surprised when I tell them that the best Chinese restaurants are in Mexicali. When Taiwan was independent of the mainland, they had an embassy in Mexicali. There was, and still remains, a vibrant Chinese community. The restaurants are world-class, very palatial, ornate — and the food is five-star. Our family would cross the border on special occasions to savor the very best in Cantonese dining. And the Mexican restaurants, on both sides of the border, can’t be beat.

            • I never heard of this, sounds delicious but I’m never comfortable leaving my country. More than ever now. Vegas has some good Mexican food and I don’t mean that yucky Taco Bell, AKA as Taco Hell or Taco Smell. 🤭

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