8 thoughts on “Vines on Red

  1. That green is beautiful against that red. There are many plants in our yard that were planted by by husband’s mom and dad over 50 years ago. His mom’s azaleas got a disease last year and finally died. His mom died young (55) in 1977 and it broke his heart when he had to let the 2 plants go. What longevity though.

  2. I asked people not to send live plants after the deaths of both my parents. Some people still did. I didn’t want the live plants because when (“if”) they died, too, it was a second loss of that parent. A simple philodendron sent after my mother’s death thrived in its neglect on top of a CD storage cabinet. Then I came down with a kidney disease that had me hospitalized, then in therapy over two and a half months. When IO returned, I found the people caring for my two cats and plants hadn’t taken care of the philodendron, but treated a kalenchoe I bought in the grocery store for $1.50 like a rare orchid! The one that I would have tended because it reminded me of my mother was dead; the one that I didn’t have emotional attachment to had branched out and blossomed. When I die, I hope no one is cursed with my kalenchoe, which still thrives and is in the most blossoms I’ve ever seen it in, ever!

  3. I have a chrysanthemum that my mother had in a hanging basket back in 1982 when she died. It still blooms here at my house after all those years.

      • It’s getting scary now, after 38 years, and I think “What if it doesn’t make it through the winter?” So far it has always come back. I cover it up and try to keep it from freezing. I might divide it this year and have two, just in case.

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