8 thoughts on “Vines on Red

  1. That green is beautiful against that red. There are many plants in our yard that were planted by by husbandโ€™s mom and dad over 50 years ago. His momโ€™s azaleas got a disease last year and finally died. His mom died young (55) in 1977 and it broke his heart when he had to let the 2 plants go. What longevity though.

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  2. I asked people not to send live plants after the deaths of both my parents. Some people still did. I didn’t want the live plants because when (“if”) they died, too, it was a second loss of that parent. A simple philodendron sent after my mother’s death thrived in its neglect on top of a CD storage cabinet. Then I came down with a kidney disease that had me hospitalized, then in therapy over two and a half months. When IO returned, I found the people caring for my two cats and plants hadn’t taken care of the philodendron, but treated a kalenchoe I bought in the grocery store for $1.50 like a rare orchid! The one that I would have tended because it reminded me of my mother was dead; the one that I didn’t have emotional attachment to had branched out and blossomed. When I die, I hope no one is cursed with my kalenchoe, which still thrives and is in the most blossoms I’ve ever seen it in, ever!


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