A Quick Trip

I made a very quick trip the the Seven Eleven this morning, grabbed these admittedly redundant photos along my path. The streets weren’t completely deserted but certainly had much less traffic. The dark clouds are beautiful aren’t they? I hope you are safe and well!

9 thoughts on “A Quick Trip

  1. No traffic in Vegas. Wow! I so miss it! At least I could legally play Texas Hold em from home if I was in Nevada. Probably a good thing I’m in Florida.

    • The traffic is much reduced, it’s really obvious to me after 7 years here! Sorry for the delayed response…

      • I couldn’t believe how reduced. No problem in the delay. I run late sometimes. Seems more and more because I’m working on my novel.

  2. A recent programme on the TV showed two scientists up in a some kind of airship. Their purpose was to weigh clouds with all sorts of clever equipment. It turns out clouds weigh many tons but air currents keep them up in the air. Hard to believe. I love being in an aircraft looking down at the clouds. I usually go for an aisle seat and miss out but I really should take my camera with me and take some photographs next time I fly off somewhere.

    • Yes you should! The iPhone gets the job done, not sure someone would want a Nikon clicking in the aircraft… How can a cloud weigh tons? Water has weight of course but tons? Or tonnes?

    • Thank you Anneli! Our world is still beautiful… 😎 The sun is popping in and out but no rain yet.

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