Stormy Sunny Morning

Good morning from the valley. I walked to the end of the driveway to dump some recyclable items in the recycle bin and noticed this very attractive photo opportunity so in the house quickly for the Nikon! Above 6500 foot there are weather alerts for heavy snowfall in both the Spring Mountains and the Sheep Range. Down here all we get is rain but there hasn’t been too much rain overnight which is a good thing. My home is at 2800 feet above sea level. I hope it doesn’t rain hard here since I have minor flooding on the side of the house!

The peak is shrouded in the clouds

13 thoughts on “Stormy Sunny Morning

  1. I can see why you ran in for your camera. Waiting for rain and wondering if it will flood is not fun. At least the scenery in the meantime is very cool. The clouds set the mood!

    • Thanks Sandra, gladly it’s not pouring rain yet. I do have the furnace on though in spite of the low 60’s out there.

  2. Eek! Have your sandbags ready for the flash flood when it comes. And, as ever, watch out for rattlers! Oddly enough, we had desert-like conditions here over the past few days. Dry weather and high winds and the soils was blowing off the fields and piling up on the roads. I’e never seen that in this country. The ground here in the UK and Scotland especially is usually always wet. We live in strange times. Hope you’re taking care over there John. This virus is a nasty little beast!

    • There are a few areas around the valley that can get some terrible flooding but not in my area. When the guy put the pavers in he didn’t get the grade just right so it floods a bit right against the house, not good but so far I’ve been lucky with no water inside. I am totally hibernating, Richard, I hope you guys are too. Be safe! Sand on the road seems odd for your location except directly along the coast?

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