Wilson Makes His Move

Last night, Wilson made his move about 24 inches to the east. Since he never moves in daylight I was comfortable with getting down low for these photos. I have no idea why or how he moves but he does move! This reminds me of an old favorite movie called Mannequin. Do you remember this fun movie from the 1980’s? Like the mannequin, Wilson apparently can move only at night and only when nobody is looking at him. So creepy!

12 thoughts on “Wilson Makes His Move

  1. Ha! I knew Mr. Tortoise had a name! Wilson is taking advantage of the full moon for sure. Oh, and the concrete piece in our photo is an old WWII era practice bomb. There used to be lots of them lining the side the road you cannot see.

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    • So faux cement bombs fell in your area those many years ago? They never cleaned them up! Look in this thread, Sandra actually named him, I made it stick!


  2. Thank you for the Wilson update! That little rascal is up to something! Do you think some type of wildlife is moving him? Wish you had a backyard camera that could video him in action. He’s like the toy story toys that come to life when no one is looking! ❤️

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    • LOL I was wondering if you would see this one Sandra! I wanted a security camera in the backyard but there is no available power outlet in the area where it’s needed. I may need to put him in the bed of my truck and take him to the open desert considering the way he’s acting up… Release him!

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