7 thoughts on “Country Roads

    • Good morning Sandra, thanks! All is well in my little home in the valley, hunkering down. Thank God for photography and blogging, I’d be pulling what little bit of hair I have out!

      I hope you and yours are well too. I wish we could know when this situation will end… I’ve been thinking about how many businesses in this country are going to simply go away and about the major unemployment situation. Less people working means a lesser ability for them to receive an unemployment check. It’s a terrible imbalance.

      • It’s a lot to think about isn’t it? I’m super thankful for this space and photography too. It helps quiet my busy mind. I’m happy you are healthy. No more pain from your procedure too, I hope.

    • Good morning Anneli, I agree.

      The summers are so nice except for the skeeters and millions of other bugs. The winters I can’t take anymore. I was chatting with my dad on his 92nd birthday a few days ago on the phone. We talked about my decision to stay in Las Vegas after my 3rd and final! divorce.

      It’s all about the climate really… He agreed that I made a solid decision in staying here but that the trade off is of course being so far from the family. That distance is even more augmented by this damned virus that has us all seriously separated. No four hour plane ride back home for now.

      • For sure everything is different now, but it would be difficult seeing people even if you were there. But at least you could have a conversation across the street from them (or closer). Meanwhile, thank god for telephone and internet.

        • I chat with my neighbors across the street every couple days or so but at a distance, really nice people. My neighbors next door are nice too. There’s more to what goes on in here though…

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