Or Lock Down if you prefer, I snapped this shot yesterday, didn’t like it much so it gets the BW treatment as do most photos I don’t like. The others are dropped into File 13.

Are we having fun yet…

8 thoughts on “Lockdown

    • Through three divorces, I’ve lived alone much of my life so after D3 it was simple to return to this life. That’s what I see among other things in this image.

        • And solo I shall remain… Been single since 2016, still have no desire to date, it’s not worth the hassles and cost.

          • And sloshing through the craziness. My Xerox sales guy cam into the office a few months ago and showed my programmer the photo of a woman on a dating site and said this woman is beautiful but crazy. My programmer said, “Oh yeah! I remember her. Crazy is an understatement.” They had both met the same woman at different times. It sounds like she makes the rounds, but her craziness keeps her single. No thanks to any of that.

            • Spot on sir! I can’t deal with the drama and costs both in money and emotions anymore… Life has been so peaceful since that day, why mess up a good thing…

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