15 thoughts on “The Perfect Crime

  1. I bought toilet paper and paper towels at the store today. People just need to chill out. There is no shortage of supply. There is only a shortage of commons sense and rational thinking.

    • Thank you Jason for speaking the truth! Chill out people! Funny thing, as I was replying to your comment, a Cottonelle TP commercial popped on the tube!

    • The video is slightly funny but under the circumstances, the smirk doesn’t stay on my face long. Yet I think this shortage will trend downward. Amazing how people are so worried about wiping the butt with TP, other things work too… Awful thing to talk about right?

      • Ducktape works double time removing Klingons and giving you a guerilla wax.

          • My mom and dad talked about using Sears catalogs during the great depression. Too bad Sears is bankrupt, and most catalogs are online. A Sears catalog would be most welcome over using a phone showing a virtual catalog or roll of TP.

            • I remember walking through a Sears store in the 1980’s back in Michigan. That mall died about ten years ago. That said, why does my 1+ year old tool chest say Craftsman on it? Tools good enough for the work I need to do.

                • I’m guessing that Craftsman is the last piece of that corporation or the name/brand was sold to a different entity…

  2. The grocery store had a dispenser of disinfectant wipes at the front door so customers could wipe down their cart and hands. Someone stole the dispenser. Now they have an attendant who will hand you a wipe as you enter and leave the store. Trying times bring out the best and worst in people.

    • Seriously, that is pure selfish bullshit! My local grocer has one of those too. I always use them anyway but now slather hand sanitiser on the handle and my hands before going into the store. Some folk are born pure assholes…

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