A Hamburger Helper Fail

Honestly I can cook several kinds of meals and foods but this time I really blew it! I added too much red pepper to this simple dish and man does it taste icky… It’s still in the fridgy! I’ll eat it but not just now. A typical single man, right? 😂

By the way, do you also watch the TV program called Parking Wars? If so does it light a fire under your ass sometimes? These cities have a hell of a racket with this parking situation!

Some of the violations are reasonable of course but some are so incredibly petty and those are the ones that grind my gears. The reactions from citizens also tell the story of what a scam this is. Why is this legal?

This doesn’t look appetizing does it… 😖

9 thoughts on “A Hamburger Helper Fail

  1. The red pepper blues. Parking is a scam, all around the world. In the early ’90s, a group of us from the office flew to Washington D.C. to work on a contract. Whenever I went to D.C. I used the Metro to get around, knowing the parking issues in D.C. Well, the boss would have nothing to do with the Metro, so he rented a car. He racked up $125 in parking fines in about an hour, which was a lot of money back then (about $230 today). Then the rest of the group had to fly out, while I had to stay for some more business, so they left me stuck with the car. What fun that was.

    When we lived in Madrid, Spain, we would sometimes rent a car on the weekends to drive out to the countryside. We wanted to get an early start one weekend, so we rented a car on Friday night, stupidly forgetting that the streets filled up with double and triple parking on Friday and Saturday nights. We drove around with other Spaniards for an hour and a half looking for a parking place. I finally gave up and parked in the parking garage under the park near our apartment. I parked the car at 1:00 am and picked it up at 5:00 am. The four hours cost me the equivalent of $50. Ouch!

  2. We have privatised wheel clamping. Another racket usually often run by crooks who seem to get local authority backing. These scams are usually to be found in inner-cities where parking is scarce. Also, hospitals charge for parking in the UK and this more likely because government has cut hospital spending back to the bone in recent years (something that, you won’t be surprised to hear, is coming home to haunt them (get ready for endless excuses from our chinless politicians!!!). I get so pissed off when I have to pay through the nose for something. They wonder why town centres are dying in the UK. Plenty of reasons but ridiculous and punitive car parking charges is one reason I would never, these days, drive into town to shop. If there is an upside to this virus, it might be that governments might think more carefully about spending and they might also pay doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and other frontline staff a decent wage (I would throw in teachers here in the UK too). Sorry for the rant!

    • Don’t be sorry for the rant, Richard. It’s an insight into life there that I always like. Absolutely pay these people a decent wage! But paying for parking at any hospital is just so wrong! People there are already under enough stress. How the heck can local authorities endorse a criminal activity unless they get a cut of the profit? Sickening…

  3. Ha. I too have on occasion added way too much of a particular ingredient, resulting in a face palm and usually spicy (pun intended) utterance.

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