What Happens to Old Stuff?

What happens to these items? Will they simply turn to dust in time? Do you ever wonder what happened to that bicycle you loved as a child or toys from childhood? How about those boats that my family owned when we lived on the lake as children so many years ago? Are they rotting away in a landfill somewhere? Why do things vanish? I’m going lockdown nutty! 😂

Old stuff going away – slowly

9 thoughts on “What Happens to Old Stuff?

  1. One of the many nice aspects of things made of iron, steel, and wood is they eventually rust or rot away back into the earth or they get recycled. Iron, steel, aluminum, and wood are easy to recycle and repurpose, whereas things made of plastic are more difficult. Although you may have noticed plastic rots away in the harsh sunshine in the desert southwest. Old, mostly metal cars are very earth-friendly compared to new cars. Disposing of electric cars will be an environmental disaster.

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    • Wow, that’s a great perspective on this Timothy! What really grabs me is the freaking plastic in the middle of our oceans, caught in the currents. I know this to be true through so much reliable in my view, media which is why I accept it as truth. It’s disgusting. I do recycle 90 percent or so of my trash output. I just hope that that huge recycle bin the big blue truck collects each Tuesday actually does go to a proper recycling plant!

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