I Like Wormholes!

Here’s a goofy video I recorded probably a couple years ago when I lived in that awful apartment. I’ve been a Star Trek junkie since the series was in black  and white!

Bonus Video: She’s A Maniac!

6 thoughts on “I Like Wormholes!

  1. Egads. I’ve never seen Star Trek after the 60s series with Shatner and Nimoy. We have wormholes on our property. I have watched at least three pairs of glasses, chains from chainsaws and other things fall, but I didn’t see them hit the ground before they disappeared. I searched high and low, sifted through leaves and weeds and cleaned up whole areas where I saw the things fall, and I never found them. They had to fall into wormholes. Someone in a parallel universe or alternate dimension has some nice, expensive designer glasses.

    • Someone with a Stihl chainsaw is after you! Wow, no Star Trek at all? It’s not for everyone of course but I’m a diehard science fiction junkie! Imagine watching it in BW on an analog TV. Yikes…

      • I don’t watch TV. I don’t have time for it. I like science fiction, but I’m not enamored by it. I went to a talk by Gene Roddenberry in the late 70s. I was really disappointed. I thought he was going to talk about inspirations for Star Trek and the technology in the series that were really cutting edge thinking for science fiction of the day. For example, their reliance on computers. In Asimov’s books, computers are mentioned but never relied upon as real tools and AI, whereas Star Trek was really computer oriented. Things like communicators, phasers, transporters, warp speed, photon torpedos, etc. were very imaginative. Instead he talked about how he thought TV was going to revolutionize life in the future. If he would had said he thought computers were going to revolutionize life in the future, he would have had real insight, but apparently, he couldn’t imagine his own science fiction becoming reality.

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