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  1. I also use a MacBookPro, which I love. It has a SSD drive,so no fan! And I also have an older iMac desktop which I have not used in a few years. Both are great machines!

  2. I haven’t used a desktop computer at home since 2009. I still have a vintage Quick Silver Mac G4, but I haven’t fired it up in years.

      • It still works. I have to get old files off of it from time to time. But it’s not much use unless I need to do something very legacy.

        • Legacy indeed. Does it have that slower revolutions per minute hard drive? I’m no expert but I think there are two different speeds?

          • There are many different speeds for hard drives. Standard SATA drives come in speeds from 5,400 rpm to 15,000 rpm. The QuickSilver has 7200 RPM drives. I have 10K rpm and 15K rpm drives in servers at the office.

    • Hi! I saw your HP machine a bit ago. I never thought of going split screen on a mac, the quality of these machines has made the extra cost well worth the money. They just run and run, update maybe every couple months or so.

    • It’s easy to do multiple monitors on a Mac. I have an all Mac office and all staff have two monitors whether using a desktop, Macbook or iPad.

      • If your a business, great. I’ve people use double monitors at home too, I have zero need for it. More companies should use them, they are far superior to anything Windows. It’s the software compatibility that’s the issue I suppose…

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