Almost Empty Streets and Fuel Prices

I went out for about thirty minutes for some supplies a bit ago and actually scored some toilet paper! Gee, who’da thunk finding TP would ever be a really good thing? The amount of traffic is still reduced about the same as it was a few days ago, apparently many people are heeding the advice of local and state officials and staying home. Good! Good thing I’m a ‘home body’.

My friend back home in Michigan told me that a friend of his found fuel for about $1.40. So why the hell are our fuel prices still so damn high here in Las Vegas? it’s called ‘crooked people’.

13 thoughts on “Almost Empty Streets and Fuel Prices

      • Oil ended today’s trading session in negative territory. May contracts are selling for (-)$18.15 per barrel — that’s minus eighteen dollars and change. Which means sellers are paying buyers $18.15 to take their commodity. There’s no place to store it so tanker stocks were up over 20% because they are being used as a floating storage facility.

        Oil moved slightly after hours, and is priced just over fifty cents per barrel. In theory, the gas station should be paying you to buy gasoline. Or, at least, they should give you kitchenware, and stuff, like in the old days.

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  1. That might sound morbid in a way… but that’s one of the good things about COVID-19. Everything so quiet and calm… no commerce… here in my city it’s beautiful at the moment. Just empty streets, no masses of people, no city noise. Just beautiful.

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    • Thanks, I sure hope so! I’ve heard bits here and there about this virus peaking in one or two weeks at this time but how can anyone make that statement? How could anyone factually know?? I sure hope so!

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    • Hi Maria!! Weird for sure, streets that you know well too. We can always use paper towel or tissues right? Was 77 yesterday, 73 today with a chance of showers. You two stay safe and well! 😎


  2. Boulevards of broken dreams. Corruption and taxes are the only things that make up the differences in the price of gasoline from one state to another.

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    • Terribly mixed up! And scary. The lack of demand should drive the prices down across the board but that’s not happening here, why??? Can’t see any reason for it.


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