Boulder City, Nevada

These photos are from about two years ago on one of my visits to beautiful Hoover Dam. No dam photos but I crossed the big bridge in Arizona and turned around. Digging deep into my archives, I meant to get back out there for more photos but not now. Photos via Nikon D3300.

7 thoughts on “Boulder City, Nevada

  1. I remember a road trip from Boise, Idaho to Boulder, Colorado, to Boulder City, Nevada, to Las Vegas. What, there are two Boulders? I thought we took a wrong turn and were back in Colorado!

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      • Four, plus three with “Boulder” in their name. That’s why you can’t trust those destination apps. I once asked how to get to Walmart, and the stupid app directed me to a store 114 miles away! If you ask for directions to Boulder, you could end up in Wyoming. I remember the good ol’ days when people didn’t use apps, or even stop to ask for directions — we just drove by the seat of our pants because getting to the destination was all part of the adventure.

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