Welcome Back, Sunshine!

This morning has been beautiful, a high of 77F today. I sat in my favorite chair soaking up that beautiful sunshine and some vitamin D for a bit. I snapped these photos and went back in to whip up this post. Happy Easter! 🙏🏻❤️🌞

14 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Sunshine!

  1. A beautiful day where you live too! 70’s here today too. Got in a couple short walks around the neighborhood. Happy Easter to you too John!

  2. It’s sunny and mid-70s here. The weather app is predicting snow on Monday.

            • I see, that makes perfect sense. It’s such an amazing range, so long and beautiful. Do you know if it is part of the Pacific/North American Plate collision too as are the mountains here?

              • We have our own rift zone in the Rio Grande Valley that extends up into the Rockies. You are near Death Valley where the North American Plate is breaking apart in the Great Basin and Range Province. We are all on the North American plate.

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