Circus Circus and The Stratosphere Tower

Here are some oldies from about three years ago taken on the Las Vegas Strip with the old Nikon D3300 body. I have never been inside the Circus Circus casino or hotel before but have been in the Stratosphere casino and to the top of the tower a few times. Honestly… That tower creeps me out big time because on a windy enough day it has a very perceptible sway to it!

4 thoughts on “Circus Circus and The Stratosphere Tower

  1. Hi Shelley! It does sway, not a huge amount but it is very noticeable. I had to change the theme as the one I had been using a long time was ‘retired’ by WordPress. This one works well though, I dressed it up like the other one as much as I could. Stay safe guys! We have sunshine and 73 today, nice!

  2. No way would I go up in a tower that sways!!! WOW, that’d be creepy. Great photo of it though. The wind you describe can be seen in the palm trees too. PS – Looks like you updated your blog background again, nice! Stay safe and stay sane!

    • As what I see as a children’s venue to some degree, I avoid the place. Germ city. It’s really old. I have two adult children so I don’t despise them of course… 😂

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