Burn Zone

A few years back lightning started a huge fire that burned I can’t remember how many acres and burned for about two weeks or something like that. These photos were taken near Lovell Canyon a couple years ago or so. I expect it will take many years for this area to recover.

4 thoughts on “Burn Zone

    • Thanks, it’ll take a very long time for this area to come back, based on my observations yet a lack of knowledge of the desert environment. I can offer a solid guess for Michigan but not here! It’s so sad looking…

  1. Burned out! In 2000, there was a controlled burn in the Jemez that got out of control because of high winds and burned around 400 homes in Los Alamos, New Mexico. In 2011, fires followed by floods in the same area wiped out Dixon Apple Farm. We have several areas of charred forests around these parts.

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