11 thoughts on “Chili

      • Speaking of chillin’, it snowed all day today. We had about 1/4 stick when the temperature was 33º F, but then it warmed up to 35º F and the snow melted.

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            • GW doesn’t exist. Earth has warmed and cooled by itself well before we humans came on the scene. The geologic record proves this. GW is in my view a tool used by those in the shadows to control the masses of sheeple. It’s a lie that’s taught to vulnerable children to be factual. That’s despicable.

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              • You can thank Margrette Thatcher for using GW and carbon ffotprints to help break the coal miner unions. Then Al Gore latched onto followed by the media and other power hungry politicos. If you’ve followed the doomsyers over the years we should all overrun with people and starving. Doomsayers love fearmongering and crises like Covid-19.


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