14 thoughts on “Showing My Age

  1. I sure do. What can I say? I’m a couple of years older than you. Speaking of drive-in movies, we ran across one still operating when we were in San Diego last November. I’ll bet a lot of theaters wished they were drive-ins these days. Also speaking of old, funny things do you remember Cheech and Chong at the drive-in? https://youtu.be/i674e6f47R0.

  2. Sorry I meant 6 items: the landline phone, roller skates, the drive in, Jacks, pick up sticks, and the vacuum! I don’t recognize the others. Unfortunately. Feeling like I missed out.

    • Cool! I was younger but recall them. Good memories of my family going to the drive-in, sister and I wearing one-se PJ’s and plying on the playground below the big screen. And those speakers that hung from the window glass. And all the other photos!

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