Tree Bites

I just finished pruning the little berries off that this Mediterranean Fan Palm grows this time of year. They have to be removed as they can possibly attract mice and rats. Yuck! I snapped an iPhone photo of a few of the bites the tree successfully landed on my skin, damn things!

Those thorns are deadly sharp! There are a few more bites on the underside of my right arm too. Soon the two Mexican Fan Palms in the backyard will need a pruning up top.

What happens is there is one stalk the tree puts out that has little flowers on it but that same stalk has a huge number of palm tree seeds that will all drop to the ground around the parent tree which is a serious pain in the ass to get rid of if you fail to have them removed.

This is something I just can’t do as I can’t possibly climb up there because of health limitations. I hope the tree companies are still able to operate as many business that are non essential have been shut down by Clark County government and probably Carson City too.

Carson City is the capital of Nevada which I still don’t understand why…

The tree is much fuller and thicker now!

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