An Old Potbelly Stove Tool

Gosh dang if I can remember or find the actual name of this tool! Funny thing is I remember using them back in the 1960’s as a kid with the family, deep in the Michigan wood. We were at the deer hunting camp on the 120 acres we owned back then, fun memories!

All bunk beds, a picnic table and a very minimal kitchen. And of course your basic outhouse behind the cabin which was near the old fashion hand pump that pulled water from the ground.

I can still remember that water too, it was the coldest, clearest and most delicious water ever! The pump was on the very edge of a cedar swamp at the base of a hill. Wonderful memories, great days in the 1960’s!! Lord, I miss my family members so much.

12 thoughts on “An Old Potbelly Stove Tool

  1. Love this work, John, so creative. I have a problem motivating myself to pick up the camera. Shame on me!! AT least two more weeks to go with this bloody (but probably necessary) lockdown over here….

  2. Did you use it to remove the round lid on the top of the stove? Hand on the “spring” part to not get burned? Neat that you still have it!

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