The Valley Floor

If you look to the left side of this photo about two thirds the way down you can barely see Las Vegas Valley which from this location is several miles to the east. I’m inside the twelve mile loop scenic drive which is run by the BLM and is a US Fee area. It sucks that we have to pay to enter, haven’t we already paid for entrance via our state, local and federal taxes?

2 thoughts on “The Valley Floor

  1. Death and taxes – the only two things you can be sure about John. And, this country, they even come after you for tax after you have kicked the bucket! We’ll all be waiting over here for that bunch of crooks we laughingly call a government to screw even more money out of us. This virus gives them the perfect excuse. I wouldn’t mind if the they had handled the crisis well (or at all) but we are clearly going to have to pay for their monumental stupidity, their callous mistakes and their eye-watering levels of poor judgement. Moan over!

    • It sounds like the same shit we have here Richard, when you croak you’ll have still have things that need payment. A traditional funeral is at least six thousand dollars.So stupid.

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