14 thoughts on “Isolated, Isolating

  1. Since you have chosen to be single, not much is different I assume. We live like hermits all the time, so this “stay home” thing is not problem. I always have plenty to keep me busy. I had to venture out to Costco the other day. It have been six weeks since the last time a made a Costco run. It was quite an experience. They have made things so inefficient that checkout lines went to all ends of the building, and it took 40 minutes in line to get to the check out register. They could not have made a worse effort to put people close together than they needed to be standing in long lines. I’m thinking I need to start taking my boa constrictor out with me. She’s 8 feet long. That will make most people keep their distance.

    • Ummm yes, that’ll keep them away! That’s an awful system, maybe you should try a different place…

      • The problem is, Costco has a catfood that our cats don’t throw up. They were out for several weeks, so I had to buy a different brand of cat food and the kitties started throwing it up. They also have the toilet paper and paper towels we like. I actually got both on this last trip.

  2. Short answer… yes. But I am one of 6 kids that always liked being alone. I do love my friends though and I do miss that very much. I also really appreciate this shot in black and white. Very nice.

    • Thank you! We are alike in that way, I’ve lived alone much of my life between marriages. No more marriage. Done. Single is goood!

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