Cooking Grease

Yesterday I ordered groceries online in the morning and received them later that day. The Picker texted me a few times as some of the specific items I ordered weren’t available so I accepted some comparable items. By the way, they will not deliver alcohol!

The meat you see in the pan is Angus Beef, not my usual pick which sucks even more because of all the damn grease, yuck! I always buy the 96/4 ratio. All the grease grosses me out, yuck, I had to dump the grease out once too as it looked like a fire hazard!

The burgers were good considering they are about 99% salt free, I put four in the fridge. I considered using the Weber out back but didn’t wanna miss my TV program so inside it was which was probably better for the grille, right?

10 thoughts on “Cooking Grease

  1. I gave up on the order on line after they dicked me around for a few days and then cancelled my order.

  2. I went with an annual subscription and will use it two or three times a month. I don’t mind the extra cost as I am in that High Risk group, it’s worth it and I wipe things down after the delivery. Maybe it’s because this was my first order that it came so quickly?

    My sister does the same thing but after the first delivery she couldn’t seem to get a delivery. I say that’s due to the high demand. 4-5 days is totally unacceptable! And NO call is ridiculous!

    Things will return to normal I believe but we have all got to be patient.

  3. I guess I’m considered living in the sticks since I am just 5 miles away from the store. No deliveries here and I wish. Anyway, the burgers look great. For myself, the fat from the meat gives it flavor and normally it doesn’t stay in the meat so I don’t worry about it. The flavor is a plus, but those burgers look very deelish indeed.

    • Thank you! Anyone else would want to add salt and more spice but they were good. If you are surrounded by wood, corn fields and soy bean fields than I say you are in the sticks! I understand what you mean on the grease but I’m used to burgers that barely smoke on the grille!

  4. Alright, how did you get same day delivery? I ordered online, and was given a delivery window of 4-5 days. The shopper delivered on the evening of the 4th day as I was preparing to go to bed. No phone call … they just showed up. I had requested contactless delivery — call me, knock on the door, and leave the groceries on the doorstep. Nah, they handed me the groceries, and coughed as they walked away. I was given the option of choosing substitutes when I ordered so that was not an issue. In fact, the shopper did a good job at picking the items — even the produce.

    There are several options for grocery delivery, but the bottom line is that you will pay up to 30% more for the convenience. I could have bought a whole lot more groceries if I had done my own shopping. You can eliminate the delivery charge if you choose a monthly, or annual subscription, but there is still the service fee and tip. If you ordered twice a month the subscription would pay for itself, and if things ever return to normal, orders could be delivered in hours rather than days.

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