5 thoughts on “Negative

    • Thank you Sandra, That photo was an experiment, I never do that! 😊 There are just two headers now, I once used several, thank you!!!

  1. Yes, I’m so disgusted with people who post negative and divisive things on social media, assuming that it’s up to them to convince the world that they’re right and everyone else is stupid. Whatever happened to allowing others to have an opinion, even if they aren’t vocal about it? The silent majority is being abused by the not-so-silent minority. And in a time like this, when everyone should be pulling together, what is the good of these nasty posts I see on facebook? Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong?

    • That is one of many reasons I have never used FB, it’s a cesspool of morons. Sorry, just being honest Anneli. On Instagram today, I’ve twice told the powers that be that I am disgusted with one ad that keeps popping up regardless of my blocking it. It’s a company selling face masks with little cartoon characters on them. Seriously! This virus is killing people and all these ********’s can think about is making money from a horrid situation. Some folks are born ********!! It’s despicable. And guess who owns IG? Facebook! I recall the days before it was trashed and polluted with ads. Almost to the point of my leaving the service.

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