8 thoughts on “The Gunslinger

  1. OK, I sure did Timothy, yet I do remember from school decades ago that we do have a state called New Mexico! hehe…

    • Correct X 2! If you’ve been through this area then you understand directly how sensitive this area is in terms of desert health. This coming from a Yank….

          • Sonoran Desert is southwestern Arizona, northwestern Mexico and most of Baja. New Mexico has the Chihuahuan Desert in the southern portion of the state and the Colorado Plateau in the northern portion of the state.

              • You forget there are states between Neveda and New Mexico — Utah and Arizona. I remember in the early days of ordering online, I came across sites that did not include New Mexico in the list of states pull down menu. We’ve always been somewhere between St. Loius and California and probably part of Mexico. This reminds me that one time when I was trying to rent laptops for fieldwork, when I told the salesperson I was in New Mexico, he said they couldn’t rent computers outside the USA. That was before Breaking Bad. Now everyone knows about Albuquerque and New Mexico.

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