4 thoughts on “Corny

  1. Black & White corn, yellow corn. That’s the way we like it.

    When we lived in Spain, corn was not readily available, or so I thought. One day when I was at the local mercado, the guy I bought frozen vegetables from had a package with an ear of corn. I asked him about the corn and he said it was a curiosity. I asked if he could get frozen corn off the cob. He pulled a big bag of corn from under the counter and asked “Like this?” I said yes, and asked why he didn’t have it out. He said he would lose all his customers if he put corn out on display. Spaniards think of corn as animal food, what pigs eat. I was able to buy corn from him after that, but it was like buying drugs. He would not sell it to me if there were any other customers in line.

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