These are iPhone images from my travels in the last couple years or so. I’ve got plenty of video of landings and liftoffs too but video doesn’t seem to capture the interest of many of you here.

Video isn’t so easy to work with either since I use Vimeo now as WordPress is greedy with storage. My photos are now uploaded at 150kb’s or so too so they may appear just a bit crusty.

That sucks but thanks again, WordPress for diminishing the quality of my photography.

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  1. You can get round the storage limit by posting to a site like Flickr and linking to the image in your post, via ‘Custom URL’ in the image settings. That’ll make the full size photo appear in your blog without touching your storage limit. Or you can do what most bloggers do and resize your photos to a reasonable size (doesn’t have to be measured in Kbs, I have mine in Mbs) then use those via the media library. Another way to get round it is to start a new blog on the same account as this one, and use its media library for storing your photos and link from there like the flickr way. As long as you do a few posts in the other blog, WordPress won’t be bothered!

    • Thanks Val. I never thought about using another new blog for storage! I’ve been sizing as you read waaaay down. I tried linking/hosting on a different site but stopped when a viewer said they saw an ad. I despise any form of advertising. I’ll look into Flickr again. Resizing has really helped, keeping an eye on the storage percentage I see it hasn’t gone up at all in a month or more since the file size change. Yay!

      • WordPress don’t like a blog used just for storage, but if there are also a few posts, they can’t complain about it! I’ve done this before, myself.

        I keep meaning to get myself a new Flickr account as I deleted my old one that I had for years! The site has been taken over by Smugmug, before it was owned by Yahoo. It is probably better now. By the way, you can also have your images’ open in their own windows at their original (preferably still resized down a bit) size and when that happens, the software here doesn’t do anything bad to the photos.

        The way I resize photos is to open the originals in photoshop (elements) and when each is at a size that looks good to me, I reduce it by the percentage that is has appeared in the program’s workspace. Usually I reduce mine to about 30% of the original but if yours are very much larger you could do it to less without losing clarity.

        • Thanks Val for the info! I have never used Photoshop, hard to believe? It’s just so complicated. I would need to sit down with someone like you to explain how it all works!

          • I don’t use the full program, never have. I use Photoshop Elements which is a cheaper version of it. It does take time to learn, but there are some easy bits of it. The newer versions, I find are too ‘dumbed down’ and so I still use an older one. 🙂

  2. That’s why I’ve been posting videos because of the storage cap. But, you’re right, videos don’t seem to generate as much interest. It’s like trying to sell hot dogs at a pizza parlor. People come here for the pizza (photos) rather than the hot dogs (video). It’s the same thing over at YouTube. The subscribers to my channel want the hot dogs — not the pizza. It’s a different audience. People try to cross-pollinate their content. A lot of vloggers will have an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account which does help to expand your audience which may not overlap.

    • It became obvious to me that the videos were simply not interesting enough, irrelevant or just boring to folks visiting my site. It kind of makes me angry that WP as huge as it is and hosts so many major corporations websites is so damned greedy with it’s ‘regular’ user base has denied us the simple pay for more storage that we used to have. Greedy bastards. My photos would appear much better if I could upload at a higher resolution. 🤬

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