Good Morning from My Space

My space, my place for which I am so grateful for. This small space has kept my brain from going nuts during this time. This time will pass but in the mean time I really miss getting out and about for my photography addiction haha! I was thinking this morning about my dad, the kids and my sister. As soon as it’s possible to hop an Airbus A320 I’m heading up to Michigan to see my babies and the rest of the family, I miss them so much! Sorry for the redundant photos.

Las Vegas will see sunshine and 91 degrees today!

14 thoughts on “Good Morning from My Space

    • Thank you and thanks Lavinia! I was just texting with my daughter in Michigan about how much I miss her and everyone. Sooo much. Not having the option to travel to see them has me sad. It really is beautiful today. C’mon down for some sunshine!

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    • Oh yes, many! I have lived in apartments on and off for various reasons over the years, the most recent was the third and final divorce. Once again I live alone and it’s great. A chosen lifestyle. Cost is a factor when you own a home, I’ve poured plenty of cash into this place aside of the purchase but it’s now exactly what I want inside and out.


      • An RV retirement always seemed appealing to me. There are world-class resorts in the desert where you can buy a manufactured home for $35,000. I’ll pay that much in rent over two years.

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        • I follow people who spend winters down south, I too have thought about living in an RV but still purchased a home. There are things that kind of bother me about not having a fixed address.


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