4 thoughts on “Hog Power

    • I suppose they can outrun a Harley because of that high RPM engine but I’ve never been a fan of them. More so now Timothy as I’ve seen so many owners ride wheelies down the roads both in and out of the city. I have yet to see a hog do that, not that Harley owners are perfect of course. To the best of my knowledge, if these morons are busted doing this BS, the bike is confiscated and crushed. Perfect.

      • It’s interesting that the rebels who used to ride Harleys became middle class, middle-aged, responsible, and respectable. Now they are aging and giving up their Harleys so Harley is dying a slow death.

        The young rebels ride the superbikes which they can be much more rebellious on at screaming high speeds, doing wheelies and riding with death-defying recklessness. Harleys are old school cool, millennials and Xers aren’t very interested in motorcycles in general, and for the ones that are, the crotch rockets are afforbable.

        • That’s sad. But I don’t see HD going under the waves anytime soon Timothy. Actually, the engines and transmissions of those **** bikes are very interesting to me, it’s the moron on the seat that I despise, and that’s putting it kindly. They will see things differently from behind bars in prison someday after killing innocent people as they have shit for brains…

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