Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Here are some goodies from a bit back. Photos will never truly capture the real size and beauty of our Hoover Dam which powers not only Las Vegas but other states in the American Southwest. I intended to take another half day trip to Boulder City over the winter but never made it, bummer.

When you walk on the dam itself, have a look over the edges and see the intake towers, you’ll soon realise how magnificent a structure it really is. And it was constructed in an era that never had the kinds of construction tools that are available today, the workers were brave and great Americans too.

5 thoughts on “Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

  1. It really is quite impressive. We took the trail up along the back side across the bridge. We did along the road where the clocks are with the time zone changes. Massive and photos just doesn’t equate to what it really is. We didn’t have time to tour the belly though. Someday! 😊

  2. Laurie’s dad has a friend who’s an engineer. He did some work on a post-disaster evaluation of a huge dam in Russia. The Russians had not maintained the turbans in the generators so when the dam filled up one of the turbans on the third level came apart and blew through the top of the dam. Everyone in the dam was killed and several towns below the dam were completely wiped out. Thousands of people died. He had photos of the dam and level three after the turban blew out the top of the dam. What a disaster. If something like that happened here, the law suites would never end.

    • OM Gosh, that’s so terrible! A sad disaster indeed. I’ve wondered a few times what would happen to Boulder City and Las Vegas if what’s left of the water in Lake Mead were let loose down the river. A scary thought…

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