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  1. Common sense: Of course, you see the guy wearing his hat backwards while shielding his face with his hand, but what really drives the point home are the two guys in the background wearing their hats forward, and not shielding their faces.

    But the bigger picture is this — though it’s difficult to explain — there are many (most?) people who are sheeple, that is, they simply go with the trend … whatever that may be. It could be a style of dress, a manner of speaking, a cultural fad, or type of food.

    It’s essentially the way people bond and their sense of belonging — to look, sound, behave, speak, and dress like their peers.

    One of the traits that I find most annoying is something I refer to as ‘common talk’. For example, people who answer a question with “So”.

    Q: What did you do last night?
    A: So I took a walk around the neighborhood.

    In my day, the normal response would be, “I took a walk around the neighborhood.”

    It’s become ingrained in the culture. No one is quite sure how it began, but trends are typically influenced by pop culture — a movie, song, or celebrity.

    A few years ago, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) was interviewed, and he answered every question with “So”. It seemed that the techies in Silicon Valley all spoke this way leading some linguists to believe that’s where the trend began.

    After the movie, “Love Actually”, people began answering every question with “Actually”.

    Q: What did you do yesterday?
    A: Actually, I went to the mall.

    And, of course, the ubiquitous, “My bad”, which was commonly spoken by athletes in the NBA. I was a stocker in retail, and heard this all day long. If someone broke a bottle … “My bad!”

    It freakin’ drove me nuts. Okay, you didn’t coin the phrase so why do you keep repeating it?!

    I mean, the first time you hear a catchy phrase it sounds pretty cool, but then it just becomes obnoxious.

    Then there is uptalk … the manner of speaking where it sounds like the person is asking a question. It’s an upward inflection at the end of a sentence.

    “I went to the beach yesterday (?)”

    Um, are you asking me or telling me? Or, maybe you aren’t sure what you did yesterday.

    An English professor said that uptalk is associated with Valley Speak. She said that it is common among young women, 18-35, and is a passive language trait that makes the speaker sound unsure, or undemanding … and, therefore, non-threatening to the social group. It’s how people fit in to their social circle.

    That’s pretty heavy, but uptalk certainly has expanded well beyond the San Fernando Valley, and has become entrenched within the culture as a common language trait.

    Anyway, the backwards baseball cap is simply a cultural trend — a sign of identity. Yeah, it looks stupid to the rest of us, at least to those of us who choose not to follow the herd.

    • This is a great comment! These other language things get on my nerves too such as the continuous use of the word Like before like every like word… Like wow man. I mean like… turn yer damn cap around ya moron!

      • Like, you would hope that these trends would simply fade away, but schools have failed to educate. The lowest assessment test scores (reading and English) have not improved in thirty years.

        My English professor was from England, and she demanded that we write and speak proper English. She did not tolerate American slang, but that was a different era.

        And the reality is that society has changed, or devolved. Social IQ is more respectable than a high scoring GPA. It’s always been that way to some extent.

        I have an unorthodox solution, however.

        Ban co-educational learning. There is too much social, psychological, and physiological stress on developing minds and bodies for a young person to concentrate on academics.

        The benefits to the individual and society would be enormous.

        • Wow Dave, that’s a great idea. It was tough enough for me in the 70’s! You were blessed to have a teacher that spoke what I see as proper English. Our American dialect isn’t the real thing in my view. Certain letters removed and all that. American public schools are no more than an indoctrination centre and popularity contest. Even TV commercials for children seem to lend themselves to the idea of school as just a popularity contest with the latest fashions and other items. Where the hell is the real teaching Dave?

          • Also, Millennials have created their own language as a consequence of our text based culture wherein they abbreviate words such that I don’t even know what the hell they are saying.

  2. Moron caps are called Moron caps for a reason. Poor dog. What a mean-looking gang of kittens. Β‘Milagro Cerveza! is right. No comment on the vows.

    • Honestly… I’ll never understand why the hell people wear the cap backwards!!! I see some people do in other countries too. Duh!! That dog is a pusyy LOL!! I understand one of the Spanish words, let’s have a beer!

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