Unwanted Company

Directly after hanging up the phone with my sister and other family before her, I noticed this little piece of crap! I took this crappy iPhone photo of it, and this house was sprayed for these and other critters about 14 days ago. I called the company I use and left a message to call me Monday. I suppose scorpions here find humans to be unwanted company too!


18 thoughts on “Unwanted Company

  1. No scorpions in Scotland but I saw a nature programme where a chap was wandering around in the desert with an ultraviolet lamp at night. The scorpions (for some reason) glow when you shine UV light on them. What I am not sure about is whether all scorpions glow in UV light. Anyway, the idea would be to go out at night with a UV lamp and a very big stick.

    • Your lucky there are none there! I do use a Black light as we call them to shine for scorpions, they do glow! I didn’t find any outside last night.

    • Hi Sandra, the company I use will come back and do the application again at no cost… They are not a critter anyone should take lightly. A hospital visit and injections may happen….

    • Hi, you betcha! Message left. This company is very good at what they do actually and always a good customer experience. These critters are to be taken seriously…

    • Hi guys, it was inside on the wood near the door. I happened to see a dark spot down there and am thankful for great peripheral vision! It’s history. Sent a pic of it to my sis in Michigan. She didn’t seem good with me giving it the crunch but she doesn’t live here!

        • Quite right, my ex’ son was stung when drying off after a shower. A bit later we drove him to a satellite ER location where they eventually gave him a tetanus shot. Apparently this stops the venom. He had difficulty speaking as though he were drunk and he didn’t drink! These days I’m all over them, stomp them out. That was a rental home, I own my home.

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