Why The Difference?

My Michigan buddy stated a day or two ago that fuel prices are around $1.09 or so there, so why the heck are our prices the same as before this terrible thing happened? Human Greed.

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  1. Worry not John, I just did the maths (and maths not my strongest subject) and it looks like unleaded fuel in the UK costs around twice what you pay over there. I’m sure the reason for this (assuming my maths is sound (probably not)) is because our wonderfully inept but greedy, grasping not-fit-for-purpose government probably piles the tax on fuel because they know we have to have fuel. Robbing bastards!!!

  2. Same here. I keep looking for this $1 a gallon gasoline, but it’s $2.89 a gallon for the 85 octane stuff and a bit over $3 a gallon for the gasoline I have to use since it can’t use the stuff polluted with alcohol at the lower price above.

    • Wow Doug, those are very similar to Las Vegas prices!

      Sorry you have to use the High Test, probably what the manufacturer states you have to use? I found out soon enough with my 2015 truck that the engine has less power and knocks badly on the lower octanes so I have always literally paid the price for the 91 octane as the engine stopped knocking and has a noticeable power increase.

      I won’t sell the truck though for sentimental reasons, it’s five years old and has just under 21K miles!!

      • VW says the car will work on 85 octane fuel, but it also says not to use fuel with alcohol in it. In Nebraska, virtually every station sells only 85 octane fuel with alcohol added. If you buy a car in this state, most often it will be flex fuel capable. I bought mine in South Dakota and it isn’t a flex fuel car, so I have to go for the 91 octane fuel, which is alcohol free. Fortunately, my VW gets excellent mileage so the extra cost hasn’t been a burden.

        • That’s good the cost hasn’t got you Doug. Why is alcohol in the gas anyway? To save money for the fuel manufacturers? All that wasted booze too haha!

          • Biofuel is manufactured on a a big scale in Nebraska because of the huge amount of corn grown here. I guarantee it was our representatives in Congress who pushed for use of this alcohol in gasoline, requiring it in fact.

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