At Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

I visited this local state park about two years ago and really enjoyed the walks both inside the old homestead house and around the trails. If your in the area, do stop by. There is of course a fee for entry as it’s a state park. In photo one you can easily see the pixels coming apart due to my now heavily reducing the file sizes. Sorry about this, friends and thank you, WordPress.

7 thoughts on “At Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

  1. My files are huge. Just one of my pictures would swallow several of yours. Today, I had to delete some more content so now I have 9% available storage. The photos I posted today used 11% so I’m up against the limit.

    Hey, WordPress … answer me this … what difference does it make if I have 6GB of storage on one paid blog, or 3GB each on two free blogs?

    Money talks.

    • And bullshit still walks Dave. These people that run WP are truly stupid when it comes to good old common sense! Honestly, if there were a different platform like WP with the same strong sense of community but with top management that had a brain I’d switch right away. I’ve been here for many years actually and have watched this company slowly become more greedy and stupid in how they treat we lowly bloggers… That Matt Mellenwig or whatever his name is needs to be educated in the realm of how to properly price storage space for us, and make it really easy to purchase more space. Your storage issue is why I deleted a hell of a lot of old posts fairly recently, and began reducing photo sizes to around 150kb. Hey Matt, are you reading this you dip shit?

      • I was thinking, rather than starting another blog and having to deal with the hassle of migrating my subscribers, that I could transfer most of the existing files to the second blog and simply use it as storage while continuing to post new content to the current blog. You could then post a link to the second blog for readers who may want to view archived photos. Of course, doing so would break the hyperlinks to individual posts causing your readers to see a “404” error. Or, I could just pay the ransom to upgrade my plan. Doesn’t WP earn enough off the advertising to pay for our storage?

        • The ads that I block! I have the so-called Premium plan, joke!

          Do you mean that Business plan Dave?

          I tried it twice, twice it messed up the design and functions of my site. Thank you again, WP.

          • I just signed up for the premium plan. Two years for $153 which is about $40 less than the annual price.

            Not sure if I want to part with the cash so I’m downsizing my files to free up space. If I’m satisfied then I have 30-days to cancel for a full refund.

            As you well know, the lower resolution is like going from Filet Mignon to ground chuck, but I do like that I can sell things with the premium plan, or maybe that’s what eBay is for.

    • I don’t know if they water it but it’s real grass! Not like my little patch of faux grass at home.

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